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10 Reasons why you should hire a Creative Retainer

November 7, 2021

Do you always need to have someone on your payroll to complete required tasks or projects? In this article, we would like to discuss the 10 reasons why you should consider a Creative Retainer service through Jpetrous Creative Services (JpCS). 

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Marketing vs Advertising vs Branding

November 27, 2021

Three words that at first glance don’t seem like much, but can be summed up with three simple questions. Each may have been influenced you at least once this week by helping you decide your morning coffee. Like many topics, Marketing, Advertising, and Branding are often confused with one another. Let’s find out just what they do and how they help each other and you. 

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Are You the Hero or the Guide for Your Customer?

March 18, 2022

Have you ever considered just what role you play in your customers story? Are your intentions to sweep in like a knight in shining armor or be the Yoda to their Luke and guide them on the path to becoming the Jedi Master you know they can one day become. No wrong answers here, but you may be swayed to lean one way over the other with just the right amount of convincing.

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Are your Network Marketing graphics custom made for you? 3 reasons to adopt a freelancer.

October 24, 2022

Are you a Network Marketer or part of Network Marketing and looking for a creative solution to stand out amongst your peers to better position yourself, your products and your services to your customers or potential new customers? Then look no further.

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Build a Better Brand

October 22, 2022

Do you want to steal the show? Do you want to become the only brand that anyone thinks about when it comes to a product or service that you offer? Are you willing to zig when everyone else zags? JpCS is here to help; We provide creative solutions through ideation, strategy and design.

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The Future of Web Design and 4 Things You Need to Consider, Now

September 14, 2022

Is your website future proof? Or at the very least meeting the needs of your customers? Learn more about what we believe are the most essential tips for Web Design are. And yes, everything is sourced for those that want to take it a step further.

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