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Looking for a creative way to promote your business? Interested in reaching hundreds of active readers every month? Ready to make your community an even better place to live, work, and play?

New Baltimore Neighbors is the perfect place for your business to be noticed and have influence in the neighborhood. It's literally a community in the palm of your hands! Whether you want to shout it from the mountaintops or be head and shoulders above the competition, New Baltimore Neighbors is the best way to do just that.
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Powered by Best Version Media and Jpetrous Creative Services LLC, New Baltimore Neighbors is more than a magazine, it's social media in print form. It's an outlet for our community to share stories about themselves or their neighbors, stay connected with the community and most of all discover your business and support our local economy thrive.

It's designed to place your business into the hands of hundreds of active readers found exclusively in New Baltimore in a recurring monthly publication sent directly to their mailbox.
Free informative publication exclusively for our neighbors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Our FAQs has you covered! Check it out to get the information you need.

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What if my business is not located in New Baltimore?

Not a problem! New Baltimore Neighbors welcomes businesses from neighboring cities that are interested in reaching customers found  in New Baltimore. If you want to grow your customer base and reach an additional 2000+ homes each month, what are you waiting for!

What types of advertisements do you offer?

New Baltimore Neighbors offers a wide range of advertising spaces that include full-page, half-page, advertorials, quarter pages and more. When you are ready to learn more, we can discuss what ad placement type would be best for your business!

Are you exclusive to print?

No, New Baltimore Neighbors also offers digital advertising solutions as well. Our priority is to make your experience as easy and cost-effective as possible so you can grow your business consistently by reaching more customers in the community.

What is your mission?

Our mission is designed to unite the hearts and minds of our community – one person, one home, one business at a time. BVM publications avoid controversial topics and exclusively focus on sharing positive, family-friendly stories and information every month. Our innovative lineup of print and digital advertising solutions adds value to local businesses by connecting them to customers and keeping them top-of-mind in the community. We’re committed to bringing people together by building and strengthening relationships.

Who do you feature on the cover and in the magazine?

New Baltimore Neighbors features families, community leaders, athletes and more to bring our community together. Our magazine focuses on all the good things happening the community that we serve. We're proudly shining the spotlight on those who truly deserve the recognition while sharing information and helpful content with readers every month.

How do I get featured in the magazine?

Feel free to contact me directly learn more about our nomination process and get started today!